Developers make the web and apps work. They bring the vision of their clients or their own products to life. But in todays crowded market it is mandatory to stand out not only with functionality, but also through elegant design and a flawless user experience.

This can only be achieved when designers design knowing what is possible and developers are involved and briefed in a correct way.

I was programmer even before I became I designer, I’m a hybrid that knows what’s makes a user interface usable and beautiful and I’m interested discussing with you if we should use node.js on  a scalable infrastructure. I can make your apps and websites not only work perfectly, make them beautiful, unique and an experience.


Web-Design and User experience

  • Web-Design – break out of the standard template by respecting standards, best practices and the latest techniques
  • Content Strategy – I help you organize your content to make it work for you
  • Web Application Design – User interfaces for application driven websites (e.g. Media Libraries, Job listings, Event programs, Registration Forms, Educational Courses)


Client/Agency Management

  • Create better rapport  with creative agencies by informing them about your skills in a way designers understand
  • Better Workfiles – Are the PSD’s you get from the agency a mess, are they missing hovers, dropdowns etc. Let me help you and your client get better results



  • Mobile Consulting – How to use the mobile platform to your advantage
  • Mobile Design – I take any current website and redesign it for mobile platforms, from iPad to Smartphones
  • Mobile App Development – Your clients want iPhone and/or Android Apps –  I can show you how to expand your services to mobile app development


Social Media and Integrations for web developers

  • Social Media Consulting – Identify which social media channels are right for your application and business and how to create a big audience
  • Creation of Social Media strategies, cross media campaigns (Social Media + Offline)
  • Setup and integration of social media accounts (design included), with tools that make it easy to update
  • Setup and integration of Blogs, Newsletters and Forums
  • Integration of existing online properties into a social media workflow (e.g. automatic posting of news & blog updates from a website to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Monitoring of brand activity in social media channels
  • Planning, setup and management of Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns


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