Digital has become an integral part of any Creative Agency & Design Studio, but the clients of today demand more than a website. Challenges like Social Media integration, Mobile and Application driven Websites are common and creating a coherent design vision across multiple media and suppliers is difficult.

Designers on the other side always search for the perfect developer/printer/supplier that elevates their design by suggesting better or newer technological solutions.

I can help you find the right solutions for your projects while maintaining a coherent design, use of up to date technologies and best practices. I am process oriented and the services include but are not limited to:


Web-Design and UX

  • Content Strategy – Especially on content heavy websites content comes first
  • Web-Design Consulting – Improve your designs with the latest technologies (HTML5, Animation, Canvas, CSS3)
  • Prototyping, Interactive Wireframes and Mockups
  • PSD creation of your website with detailed briefing for web developers
  • Web Application Design – User interfaces for applications that live on company websites (e.g. Media Libraries, Job listings, Event programs, Registration Forms, Educational Courses)



  • Mobile consultancy – Mobile First? Responsive vs. Adaptive vs. Mobile Website – what are the differences between this approaches and which one is right for your project.
  • Mobile Design – I take your design and make it work on mobile platforms, from iPad to Smartphones
  • Mobile App Development – Your client wants to be in the AppStore or in the Play Store (Android Market)? I can help


Website Analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Existing website review prior to redesign – Usability, SEO, Conversion & Analytics
  • SEO Consulting – Latest best practices, impact of mobile, content strategy
  • CMS Consulting – Open Source vs. Proprietary Systems, what technologies are right for the project and client


WordPress Consulting

  • Worpress Consulting – Hosting, Installation, Workflow and Theme evaluation
  • Customization of popular Frameworks like Thesis and Genesis to your Design
  • WordPress integration and extension for your custom application
  • Adaptation of existing Themes to your Design


Social Media

  • Social Media Consulting – Identify which social media channels are right for the audience and how to create a big audience
  • Creation of social media strategies, cross media campaigns (Social Media + Offline)
  • Setup and integration of social media accounts (design included), with easy to use administration tools
  • Setup and integration of Blogs, Newsletters and Forums
  • Integration of existing online properties into a social media workflow (e.g. automatic posting of news & blog updates from a website to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Monitoring of brand activity in social media channels
  • Planning, setup and management of Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns


Something missing?

  • E-Newsletter Design and integration with the leading providers like Mailchimp, MyEmma, Constant Contact
  • Digital Brochures – Bring your brochures and books to live on the web and mobile devices


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