Bergbaumuseum – Corporate Design for five museums


Create a common corporate design for five museums about mining in South Tyrol. This was the second attempt since the administrative consolidation. The first attempt failed as many of the museums had already a graphical heritage and the directors (each museum had a director) felt the solution was not showing the individuality of the single museums.

As usual in South Tyrol the solution must be suitable for multiple languages (german, Italian, and both at the same time).


A corporate design effort can only be successful when all parties accept and enjoy using the new design. In this special case every one of the directors where in charge more than 10 years and they helped growing the single museums. They don’t wanted to see the name of their “baby” as a subtitle in a logo.

Therefore the solution was easy. To make the new design be accepted by all directors the name of the museums must be prominent. To achieve this I’ve designed a logo/name combination used by the administrative part and the museums. For the museums I’ve added the old logo to the new logo by adapting the color scheme.

In the end every single museum has got a new logo and it didn’t look like it was a division of something bigger. A visitor to the museum who has already visited another one of the five museums will recognize the design and make the “connection”.

The design line is also visible on the website, where all five museums are shown together.

Corporate Design Manual

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