What should I eat today? This is one of the most common questions you might have, and I have tried a couple of web and mobile apps to get inspired – with no luck. So I tried to come up with an easy yet powerful life-hack to get daily meal suggestions.

The problem I had with all the suggestion options around the web is, that they suggest from a pool of recipes and dishes they selected. Some are complicated recipes, some are not relevant to where I live or my general preferences. Secondly we tend to already have a pool of dishes we really like, and like to eat every couple of weeks – and none of the suggestion tools let’s me add my own dishes (as far as I know)

Therefore I used RememberTheMilk (or any other todo list app you want) to get a personalized list of suggestions.

Collect the dishes you like

I created a specific list where I add the dishes I want to eat in the future. I also make every “task”=dish recurring at a random number of days (between 20-30 in my case). This means, that RTM will suggest me the dish after a number of weeks if I “completed” (cooked) the dish.

Make a suggestion list

Since RTM doesn’t hide list items that are due way in the future I had to make a “smart list” where I hide all dishes that are scheduled in the future. And this list is basically my suggestion list. If you are interested in the search parameters for RTM – here thy are

(list:Essensvorschläge and dueWithin:"2 of today") or (list:Essensvorschläge and dueBefore:now) or (list:Essensvorschläge and due:never)

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