Convert video for the Nexus One / HTC Desire / Incredible


I just wanted to share the settings I use to convert video for the Nexus One with Handbrake (the freeware video converter). The Nexus One has a wonderful screen and it would be a shame to not use it for video podcasts. But some podcasts (the Nasa Edge for example) encode their 720p video in a way the Google phone does not recognize.

I included the screenshots of the important settings and if you want to set them in a quick way just select the ipod classic preset und change the settings to 800 pixel width, Anamorphic none and the Avg Bitrate to 1500 kbps and the Audio to 2 channel AAC and you are done. Enjoy.

[lightbox_image big_image_url=""]×324.jpg[/lightbox_image]

[lightbox_image big_image_url=""]×324.jpg[/lightbox_image]

[lightbox_image big_image_url=""]×324.jpg[/lightbox_image]

[lightbox_image big_image_url=""]×324.jpg[/lightbox_image]

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  2. Rob

    thanks! I’ll try those settings. Helpful to have someplace to start – handbrake is a great all around app.

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  6. Handy PC

    Thanks for the guide – just what I was searching for! =)

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  8. JesseN1

    In the source option it only allows me to go as high as 640, I try to type 800 and it wont let me any suggestions?

    • If you have video material in SD (Standard Definition) you don’t need to enter 800 pixels. SD in the US is 640×480 so it should show nicely on your phone after the conversion. If you still think that there is something missing try enter 400 pixes in the height setting.

  9. Shawn

    Hi, i tried several conversions with handbrake. The converted videos played nicely on my macbook alu, late 2008. However, once i transferred them over to my HTC Desire, the audio and video goes out of sync.

    Do you happen to have a solution for this? Or am i doing anything wrong?

    Thanks alot for your help! Appreciate it!

    • It’s a little bit difficult to know exactly why this happens. I had some problems starting from AVI’s – but note that many video players on PCs (or Macs) have advanced engines who can fix out of sync audio/video. I don’t know if the stock video player on the desire has this abilites.

  10. Shawn

    Ah. I guess there is still no solution then. Thanks for your help anyway!

    Cheers. :)

    btw, I tried Act1 video player, and mvideoplayer and the stock HTC video player, getting the same out of sync issue.

  11. don rico

    thanks! just what the avarage desire user needs!