I found in a strategy presentation of a client a few nice inputs. Most of the time we stand in our own way because we don’t think like winner. There is a lot of literature about having success and so forth, but you can boil it down to this: Reframe

And here some examples:

The winner The loser
The winner has always a plan. The loser has always an excuse.
The winner says: “Can I help you with that. The loser says: “This is not my job.”
The winner finds a solution to any problem. The loser finds in every solution a problem.
The winner says: “It might be difficult, but it is possible. The loser says: “It is possible, but it is too difficult.
The winner is always part of the solution. The loser is always part of the problem.
The winner sees the glass half full. The winner sees the glass half full.
The loser sees the glass half empty.

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