I regularly go to the Vancouver Webdesign Meetup to meet professionals from the design and developer community. I’m fairly new to the city so networking is a big must and enjoyable. More important than that is obviously getting to know the rules by which the local design community works and the laws who govern.

One of the laws who directly affect designers and developers alike are copyright laws. They are similar all around the world, but unique nontheless. The last meetup gave us the opportunity to know a little bit more about the copyright laws in Canada and since the presentation was recorded I would like to share it here with you.

The presentation is held by Kieran_Moore an Intellectual Property lawyer. Now lean back and enjoy the show. He provided also the slides and the PDF with his contract checklist:


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BTW: Shortly I will post my personal guidelines on how I handle copyright for my client work and when working with photographers in a special post in the “Become an Art Director” section – so don’t miss it.

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