Missed a Tweet? When did it rain? What is IFTT?

If you follow to many people you might miss a tweet. You might point out that’s the point of Twitter, to not be forced to see everything. But I often followed someone because I wanted to see the latest update.

Especially now that I’m living in Google+ I will miss certain tweets. This is where http://ifttt.com/ comes to help. The “If this then that” web app is the perfect partner for this kind of tasks.

I made a recipe which monitors a specific Twitter account for any updates and sends me an email.

Another recipe I use – I created a extra calendar and IFTT makes a new entry for every day it rains – so I will have a personal records of the how many days it rained here in Vancouver – just to compare my personal impression with some facts.

Have you used iftt.com and what are your uses?

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Put the internet to work for you.

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