Great discussion and article – from the comments you can see that there are many car drivers who have never been to a place where a city hasn’t got a rectangular grid.

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Invention: The ‘Liquid Grid’ Street Layout, A Replacement For Cul-De-Sacs & Block Grids | Chris Norstrom
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Beverly Cash
October 5, 2011

Had only been to a few places that weren't before moving to the UK…and after being here 11 years, I still have hard time LOL

Thorsten Ball
October 5, 2011

That was interesting! I really like your argument about driving on curvy roads makes you better driver. I'll sign that. I hate long and straight roads, especially driving on them…

Frank Neulichedl
October 5, 2011

+Thorsten Ball I might also add that mountain drivers are also reckless because they know the roads :)

Thorsten Ball
October 5, 2011

+Frank Neulichedl Guilty as charged!

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