Read my thoughts/tricks/… in Google Currents Edition

I had to try this out immediately. The Currents App from Google might not be the perfect Flipboard killer, but with the associated Google Edition Producer you can pimp your content to play nicely with it.

I tried a couple of the “convert your blog to an app” tools, and they didn’t work for me.
I haven’t customized it completely, but sure will digg more into it and present my findings here … and in my Google Currents Edition.

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7 Responses to “Read my thoughts/tricks/… in Google Currents Edition”

  1. miriam dunn says:

    can you tell me in three sentences what the "currents" is?

  2. A magazine style news reader … similar products are Feedly, Flipboard, News360, Zite, Pulse … You can add feeds you have subscribed in Google Reader, but mostly you browse through a directory and add Sources.

  3. miriam dunn says:

    Ok so it is for a mobile unit? and like an RSS feed? and you add people's blogs?

  4. miriam dunn says:

    by reader do u mean the app is a reader? or u have an e-reader to use it?speak to me like I just landed on the planet

  5. ok :) Visiting many different websites to read content is a hassle on a smartphone or tablet. You can subscribe to your preferred websites through RSS and use an RSS-Reader, but this is quite technical. It's easier to use a specialized App to consume content and in which there is a "directory" of websites.The content of the websites is then presented in this Reader-App in way that is suitable for mobile viewing.As noted before that are many of these Apps and Currents is the latest one.Did this explanation help?

  6. miriam dunn says:

    it did! thanks very much! is it like a condensed outlilne of the things you are interested in?

  7. It's actually the same content I publish and share here on Google+, my Blog, plus all the archives from my "How to become an Art Director" Series …