An HDR view of Vancouver from the Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout might not look like it’s very tall, but it offers a good overview of downtown Vancouver. On clear days you can see down to the US.

I wanted to take some night shots to experiment with HDR and here are the results. Let me know what you think.

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Canada Place and North Vancouver

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6 Responses to “An HDR view of Vancouver from the Lookout”

  1. Night stuff is harder, and this is an eye-stopper.

  2. Asha Van Eer says:

    I was there last year for the first time. Your beautiful pictures bring a smile on my face. Well done!

  3. Hey I found the lens profiles you made for the nikon d3000 18-55 55-200, but after the "pay with post" thing sends me to your same blog and then says 404 not found, is there another way to get them?
    And sorry for my rudeness, forgot to introduce myself, My name is Daniel, and i'm from Mexico.

  4. Hi +Daniel Zamora Fernandez – sorry to hear that. I'm updating the website so things break sometimes. here is the direct link


  5. Thank you so much.
    I hope this helps out, been trying DXO optics and it renders out the images better than LR.