New inspiring TV advertising visuals

Not many TV commercials try to break new visual grounds. Partly because the big budget campaigns tend to stay on the safe side. They have to be “different” but common enough to not frighten the audience.

In the last few years we have seen some fine photography experimenting with the look of miniatures, but the new tv spot from german Telecom uses a mix of animated miniatures as stage and actors and life actors. The spot aired only in Germany is integrated into a environmental campaign.

Very nice, I want to see more of this creative spots in the future.

2 Responses to “New inspiring TV advertising visuals”

  1. Tracy Ibarra says:

    Brilliant and refreshing. These are the kids of ads I actually enjoy watching.

  2. Twirrim says:

    I believe you’ll find the animated minatures effect you’re seeing is achieved by passing normal video through something called a tiltshift filter:

    It’s pretty awesome to see people breaking the mold. Adverts are getting so bland and predictable they’re forgettable. It’s the ones that do something remarkably different that stick in your head, like the Honda “just works” advert from a few years back :)