I like this list, and especially that you could vote on the “before” logo as well. And there are more than one example where the old logo has got just as much votes as the new one.

This means IMO that many re-designs are motivated by changes on the management level of the company/firm/… and not driven by necessity.

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And now time for Part 2 from Brand New, this time: The Best Identities of 2011 ->

Of all the ones listed, I love, love, love the new OCAD University identity, because it embodies everything that should be done in modern-day identity design: it’s simple and timeless, yet typographically pure, totally fluid, flexible and has a near limitless range of application; it’s doesn’t have to be consistent because it’s coherent.

To be sure to check these out.

Also, happy to see the Little Chef redesign got on there.


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