After more than a year I continue the successful series of alternative fonts of classics. A generally hated typeface is Comic Sans, mostly because of it’s misuse. There are even hate/love blogs about this font ( and they try to raise money for a documentary.

The font was designed Vincent Connare in 1995 and most designers wouldn’t touch the font in a professional work, but with sometimes we need something similar.

Top Alternatives

Comic Jens

Not only is Comic Jens from Jens Kutilek a high quality opentype font, with ligatures, context sensitive letters and symbols, but it’s also free. (


Joker is a typeface designed by Jerry Inscoe  and it’s based on his handwriting. A great font with alternative letters and additional letterforms (

Runners up

Jump (

FF Layout (

FF Soupbone (

MVB Calliope (

Burbank (


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